For 30 years we have been earning the respect of our valued customers with our promise to design, build and deliver high-quality molds on time or ahead of schedule. As a result we have become one of the largest full-service rubber & plastic mold shops in the country.  Regardless of your requirement from a prototype tool with a very tight schedule or a multi-cavity production tool, LTD remains committed to exceeding your expectations.

We currently operate 41 three-axis mills, 4 five-axis mills and 4 CNC lathes.

Our CNC programmers use Mastercam and WorkNC software.  LTD’s skilled machinists operate Haas, Mazak, Fidia and Anayak mills equipped with current software packages and tool changers that allow operation 24/7.  Our CNC lathes include 2 SL-30 machines, 1 ST-30 and and 1 Chevalier lathe.